She gave him somewhere between an inch and a mile, though he took far more than that and dragged her along on one of his thankless trips into the wilderness.  As they drove more northerly, the mosquitoes seemed to swell larger and loom more menacing.  Toni couldn’t imagine what they were eating.


A woman wore a dress of translucent sequins.  Her body glowed like a candle in the window.  The incandescence in the room hung suspended against the dark of the walls and the lushness of laughter and conversation coloured the room. Joan had settled herself into her chair and enjoyed the scenery melt.  Drunken harmony  confronted her better senses as she glanced at him and pretended to glance away, and through the window at the street outside.  Still self-conscious, but only just barely.

It was a balmy night, and her skin reacted with a blush of perspiration here and there, with a sweet mist around her of perfume and sweat.  Her hands glowed in contrast to her cool glass, and his hair, usually so tame, arranged itself in strange and lovely swirls by his neck.

Everything, car horns and next table’s chatter seemed muted. He was warm as her, as drunk as her, and as charmed as her.  He was as serene as he was giddy, as relaxed as he was taken, and so too was she.  The room was held in constellation around him.